Validator Discussion

"This calendar scored 99 out of 100. This calendar has minor problems, but will likely work correctly in major calendar applications."

The warnings are all the same:

"The DTEND property is missing on the VEVENT component. Was this intentional?"

Dialog with the user, Michael Hyde:

Michael: "Event times are showing one hour later than correct for one of my calendars. See… The ical file contains VTIMEZONE info which seems to have correct -0600 settings for TZID:CST, so I'm unclear where where the problem might be. Did I make a mistake somewhere in set-up for this calendar, perhaps?"

Jon: "Your VTIMEZONE defines CST but your DTSTART properties don't refer to it. RFC2445 describes three ways to do it: 1) date with local time, 2) date with UTC time, 3) date with local time and timezone reference. The calendar uses 2), did you mean to use 3)?

Jon: "Also, it's an odd VTIMEZONE. It only defines CST, I would expect it to also define CDT. This is another of those cases where the validator might want to say: "OK, this /is/ valid, but did you really mean that?"

Doug: That's a difficult one to approach, because there are many valid time zones that only have a "standard" time. I'd almost need to know which one it was ahead of time, and determine if that time zone should have a daylight/standard time. Hm…

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