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iCalendars are becoming a very useful collaboration tool, and an ever-increasing method to share event information, free/busy time, and more. If you're interested in an easy way to publish your own iCalendars to the Internet, check out these great "How To" entries in Jon Udell's blog:

The Initiative

This site is dedicated to helping those creating their own iCalendars or iCalendar feeds to ensure their calendars will work with other systems. It also serves as a meeting place for those developing validation tools to collaborate and ensure the validation is as accurate and useful as possible.

Why Validate?

Validating your iCalendar feeds before they are deployed ensures that they will be compatible with other iCalendar systems.

Validation Tools

A new iCalendar validator is available, based on Doug Day's DDay.iCal library. Check it out here.

Steven N. Severinghaus has also created an online iCalendar validator based on Ben Fortuna's iCal4J project. Check it out here.

Development Tools

For those wanting to develop a customized iCalendar feed, there are multiple free1 libraries available for development:

Language Library
C/C++ libical
C# DDay.iCal
Java iCal4J
Python iCalendar.py
Python vObject
Ruby iCalendar
Ruby RiCal

There are countless other commercialized implementations on the market as well, but considering the variety of free implementations, I've omitted their commercial conterparts.

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XML Format

See the current icalvalid schema page.

Examples from the wild

See the Examples from the wild page.

Validator discussion

See Discussion of validation issues

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